Why Cricket is getting more and more Batsman Friendly

In the list of the top 10 highest chased totals, 7 have come in the last 8 years.

Changes in Cricket rules that favour the batsmen

Field Restrictions

  • In the first 10 overs of an innings (the mandatory powerplay), the fielding team may have at most two fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
  • Between 11 and 40 overs four fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle.
  • In final 10 overs five fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle.

Free Hit

Number of Bouncers

Fine Leg Restriction

2 New Balls From Both Ends

  • Two new balls were introduced in ODI cricket in October 2011 — one from either end, and each ball is used for a maximum of 25 overs in an innings.
  • This means the ball never gets old enough to aid reverse swing.
  • It has also made life harder for spinners, who tend to prefer bowling with an older ball.
  • A harder ball is also easier to score off in the last ten overs of the innings.



Protective Equipment




Fast outfields

Flat and hard Pitches

“I see flat pitches as a huge problem for the health of cricket,” -Justin Langer

Shorter Boundaries

ODI boundary stats over the years (espncricinfo.com)





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