My experiences during COVID-19 Pandemic

Brahmansh Garg
2 min readSep 4, 2020


Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes in our lives. There are no schools and colleges, no travelling, job loss and many other changes. Today, I am going to tell my experiences during this pandemic.

In this pandemic, the government has decided to Lockdown and everything is closed (except important things such as medicines etc.) and we have to stay home till this pandemic is over. My experience tells that it is not as good as the normal time. Many changes have come in my life such as- no meeting with my friends, no new TV shows, no watching sports because there are no matches and many other changes. Only sitting at home and roaming here and there and studying is the last option to do at home.

Online classes

But there are good things itself such as- playing sports at a long, empty space such as the terrace and learning many activities. Some activities I have done are- I have learnt games like- badminton and helped my parents in doing their work etc. I have picked up some good habits like reading books, as I described in my article before. But still, living at home only has bored me a lot. And also due to online classes, I also have become an expert in video conferencing apps, and also in chatting online. Also, my computer knowledge has become far better than before. Last, but not the least, I have experienced online exams; and they were stressful! One day, Gmail services dropped out just at the time I was trying to submit.

So, I still think that these days are not as good as normal days. Therefore, I really still want normal days as compared to this period of time.